Pedestrian hit by car in Virginia Beach Blvd Accident

What could be more relaxing than an evening walk? Unfortunately, one such walk turned deadly in Virginia Beach this week. Sources report that a January 29, 2018 collision near Caren Drive and Virginia Beach Boulevard occurred around 7:45 PM. Police arrived on scene to find a pedestrian had been struck by a vehicle. The victim was taken to the hospital, but no further details about the crash have been released. The incident remains under investigation. No word has been given about whether or not the driver was charged.

Taking Precautions

An early evening walk is a great way to get the blood flowing after a meal, but few people realize just how dangerous such activities can be. When visibility is limited, a pedestrian can virtually disappear into the night. While there are certain strategies a person can use to increase their visibility while out for a walk, drivers struggle to spot walkers after dark. Anyone thinking of heading out for an evening stroll should consider donning clothing made with reflective material and consider carrying a flashlight to highlight their presence on the road.

Options for Victims

Because not much information was given about this particular crash or how it happened, it is impossible to know whether or not the driver of the car was at fault. Still, the victim may want to speak to a Virginia pedestrian accident lawyer to ensure their rights are protected. Though not every pedestrian hit by a car is entitled to compensation for their injuries, many are.

Virginia Personal Injury & Wrongful Death Lawyers

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