Portsmouth Crash Kills One

A driver is dead after a tragic crash in Portsmouth earlier this week. The driver of a Kia Sorrento was heading east on VA-164 near Town Point Road around 3:00 AM on the morning of April 12, 2018. His vehicle was struck in the rear by a tractor trailer. The collision caused the driver to lose control of his Kia. Because the man was not wearing his seat belt at the time of the wreck, he was ejected from the car. Tragically, police pronounced him dead at the scene of the accident. The investigation into the crash is ongoing, but no word has been given on whether or not the truck driver will be charged for his role in the wreck.

Drowsy Driving

There has been no official cause given as to why the truck driver rear-ended the Kia, but given the late hour, there’s a chance that the driver was drowsy. Truck drivers work long hours into the dead of night, often not stopping for proper rest. Under strict deadlines, these truckers often put their own safety – and the safety of others on the road around them – on the line. While we can’t know for sure if this driver fell asleep at the wheel, it is safe to assume the late hour played some role in the accident.

Wrongful Death Options

Trying to make sense out of the senseless can be difficult. Losing someone unexpectedly is never easy, but to do so in such a senseless fashion is even harder. The family of the victim may wish to seek the opinion of a Virginia car accident lawyer. They may be entitled to damages associated with their loss.

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