Pedestrian Hit in Deadly Newport News Wreck

One person has died in a hit-and-run accident in Newport News this weekend. The March 10, 2018 accident occurred around 3:30 AM at the intersection of Jefferson Ave. and Mercury Blvd. Police say they were called to the scene and found the victim lying in the street. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Initial investigations have revealed that the driver of a white Nissan Altima was heading south on Jefferson Ave. when it struck the pedestrian. The vehicle then fled in an unknown direction. Police have not released any additional information about the driver responsible for the wreck, but are asking that anyone with information about the incident come forward by calling the Crime Line at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.

Ongoing Investigations

The initial investigation is only the beginning. Police will continue to examine the details of the crash and work to discover everything they can about this incident. Chances are good that the person responsible for the wreck was driving drunk at the time of the crash. Given the time of day, it is safe to assume that they were likely under the influence of some kind of substance. We can only hope the victim’s family will receive some kind of information about the hit-and-run driver who caused this tragic accident.

Damages for Families

Hit-and-run drivers are frequently caught on camera fleeing the scene of accidents. The odds are good that a traffic camera or local business caught the person responsible for this incident on film. With this technology being so prevalent these days, it is only a matter of time before police catch the person responsible. When that happens, the family of the victim should consider reaching out to an attorney for help seeking justice on behalf of their loved one.

Virginia Personal & Wrongful Death Lawyers

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