Fatal Route 58 Holland Road Car Accident in Suffolk

One person is dead and another is serious injured after an accident in Suffolk this week. The collision occurred around 4:00 PM on Route 58/Holland Road. No clear cause of the crash has been given, but we do know that a single-vehicle collision was the cause of the fatality. The driver of an SUV lost control of their vehicle. The SUV turned over, ejecting the driver. They were pronounced dead at the scene. An adult passenger suffered injuries and was initially treated at the scene but ultimately required transport to a local hospital. The investigation into the crash is ongoing.

Causes of Single-Vehicle Accidents

Many underestimate the dangers involved in a single-vehicle accident like this one. While collisions involving just one car can be less destructive than multi-car pileups, they can also involve serious injuries and even fatalities. Many single-vehicle crashes are caused by drivers who are drowsy, drunk or distracted at the wheel. While we do not have information about the cause of this specific crash, it is likely that the driver involved was not wearing their seat belt at the time of the incident.

Life After Trauma

In single-vehicle accidents in which the driver is killed, the surviving victim may feel helpless. As they mourn the loss of their beloved friend or family member, they must also contend with expensive medical bills and unpaid time off of work while they recover from their own injuries. They must come up with a way to handle the physical, emotional and financial fall out from the deadly crash. While it might not occur to them initially, the idea of hiring a personal injury lawyer can be a helpful one.

Virginia Personal Injury & Wrongful Death Lawyers

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