King George Bus Crash Injures Students on James Madison Parkway

A bus crash in King George has resulted in injuries to both students and the drivers involved. Early reports indicate that the incident occurred around 3:00 PM on James Madison Parkway the afternoon of January 30, 2018. The bus was carrying five students when a large box truck slammed into the back of the vehicle. The impact was so significant that it caused the bus to tip over onto its side.

Both drivers involved in the crash were injured, as were some of the children on board the bus. No details have been released about whether or not the truck driver will be charged, but considering that the bus was stopped and had its emergency flashers turned on at the time of the crash, it is likely the at-fault truck driver will face legal ramifications.

Designed for Safety

School buses are designed to be safe, first and foremost. They weigh more than the average vehicle because of their size, but this weight makes it difficult for the bus to tip over in a crash. Given that the bus in this particular incident did indeed tip over, we can deduce that the box truck driver was traveling quite fast.

Talk to Your Kids

Bus crashes like this one are rare, but it is always good to review emergency policies with your children at the start of each school year. Remind kids to stay seated while the bus is in motion and to give the bus driver quiet to focus on the road.

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