Driver, Passenger Killed in Southampton Co. Crash

Two women are dead and another man is injured after a crash in Southampton County this week. The February 28, 2018 accident was reported to police around 2:40 AM. Authorities arrived to find that a Chevrolet sedan had run off the road and into a tree. No one was wearing their seat belt at the time of the collision, which likely contributed to the severity of the injuries sustained in the wreck. The driver and a female passenger succumbed to the injuries they sustained in the accident, while a male passenger was taken to the hospital with injuries.

Drowsy, Distracted or Drunk

An exact cause of the accident has not been released, but given the late night setting, it is easy to draw conclusions about the incident. While it is impossible to speculate with any guaranteed accuracy, chances are good the driver was either drowsy, drunk or distracted at the time of the accident. In fact, many single-vehicle accidents are caused by those factors.

Options for the Surviving Victim

The surviving passenger likely has a long of questions about his legal rights in the wake of the accident. Such incidents have a way of permanently changing a person’s life. Even if he walks away relatively physically unscathed, he may require psychological treatment and need time off of work to cope with what he has experienced. A Virginia car accident lawyer can help the victim get the compensation he deserves.

Virginia Auto Accident Lawyers

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