Driver Charged After Hitting Ambulance in Virginia Beach

A man has been charged with failing to yield to an ambulance after a crash in Virginia Beach. The January 29, 2018 collision occurred near the intersection of Bonney Road and S. Rosemont Road. Police say the driver crashed into the ambulance as it attempted to respond to an emergency. Though the ambulance’s lights and sirens were on, the driver was unable to get out of the way and avoid a crash. No patients were on board at the time of the collision, but two volunteer EMS workers were injured. Police charged the at-fault driver.

Yielding to Emergency Vehicles

Most people have experienced the wave of anxiety associated with having to make way for an ambulance on the road. In situations where there isn’t much room to pull over, the opportunity to give ambulances a wide berth isn’t always available. Still, drivers should do all they can to prevent an accident. After all, the ambulance has better things to be doing than getting involved in its own crash!

Volunteer Injuries

Thankfully, none of the injuries sustained in this particular crash were serious. Still, the injured volunteers may want to seek out a consultation with a Virginia Beach car accident lawyer. When a volunteer is injured on the job, they are not always covered by the organization’s insurance. If a person’s minor injuries lead to chronic pain, as they so often do when it comes to car accident injuries, they could be stuck footing expensive medical bills. A consultation is risk-free and can ensure a volunteer’s rights are protected.

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