Cyclist hit by car at Villa Cir. & E. 26th in Norfolk; Seriously Injured

A cyclist is fighting for their life after a collision in Norfolk this week. The February 20, 2018 accident occurred around 6:30 PM when a car collided with the bicycle at the intersection of Villa Circle and E. 26th St. No details have been given about the exact cause of the crash, but paramedics had to take the injured cyclist to the hospital for life-threatening injuries. There has been no indication of whether or not the driver has been or will be charged for their role in the crash.

Commuter Dangers

As accidents like this one continue to happen, we’ll again highlight the dangers of traveling either on foot or on bicycle during the hours where the sun is rising or setting. Because these are both popular commute times, it is unlikely that people will forgo walking or biking entirely. All we can hope for instead is a renewed spotlight on safety. Never bike or walk with headphones in and always wear reflective clothing when riding on the road. Invest in lights for your bike to make yourself as visible as possible to drivers.

Proactive Steps

The onus is not just on the cyclists to prevent being hit by cars. Motorists need to do their part to stop these collisions, too. We can all do our part by slowing down as we make our way home in the evenings. While it’s tempting to rush home as quickly as possible, simply following speed limits and obeying traffic laws can count for a lot. Giving pedestrians and cyclists room for error can mean safer roads for everyone.

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