Booze to Likely to Blame for VB Crash

Police are investigating an accident that occurred earlier this week on Holland Road in Virginia Beach. News reports indicate that police received word about the incident around 10:15 the night of February 27, 2018. When they arrived on scene, they found the driver of a Mustang caught in his vehicle. He needed help from firefighters to escape the vehicle and was transported to the hospital with serious injuries.

The driver of a pickup truck says he was heading eastbound on Holland Road when he spotted the Mustang heading the wrong direction. He steered his truck to the right in order to avoid a collision, but the Mustang still collided with the front panel of his vehicle. Authorities have not released further details about the incident but say alcohol likely played a role in this incident.

The Deadly Reason Behind Wrong Way Accidents

Sadly, many wrong way accidents are caused by drunk drivers. Frequently occurring at night, these accidents are often caused by drunk drivers confused about which side of the road they should be on. While drowsy and distracted drivers can also make similar mistakes, a large number of wrong way collisions are caused by drivers under the influence.

Wrong Way Destruction

Because most cars lack protection for passengers on the front-end, wrong way crashes are often deadly. There have been no updates given about the condition of the man in the Mustang, but he was lucky to leave the scene of the crash alive. We can only hope others will hear of this accident and think twice before drinking and driving.

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